We are here to help you give better.

What is Company of Good?

It is a programme that empowers businesses to give better and more holistically.
The Company of Good is targeted at all local and foreign-owned companies, large enterprises or small and medium enterprises that are operating in Singapore, and at any level or stage of giving.

How can you benefit?

We help companies to give better and more holistically through a self-discovering journey of first understanding how they give, then equipping with the right tools, and finally finding like-minded partners to do good.

Self-Assessment Quiz

Understand your giving profile and gain insights to give better.

Toolkits & Case Studies

Gain access to a curated pool of resources to build your knowledge and capabilities to give holistically.

Events, Networking & Trainings

Opportunity to receive training, meet with like-minded companies and subject-matter experts to drive corporate giving in Singapore.

What have our members been doing?